The sacrificial performance of the aztec empire

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Aztec sacrifice

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10 Horrors Of Aztec Ritual Human Sacrifice

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Human sacrifice in Aztec culture

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Human sacrifice in Aztec culture

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An Encounter Between Warring Cultures: The Spanish and the Aztecs

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Feb 13,  · The Aztec are an indigenous group of people who controlled a vast Mesoamerican empire for at least two centuries prior to their conquest by the Spanish in 16 th century. The Aztec empire was characterized by a public education system, extensive trade networks, creation of widespread roadways, state-wide religion, and a large military.

empire but also in the elaborate preparations of ritual places, plants, animals and people for sacrifice through the deadly thrust of the sacrificial knife, the eruption of blood on the. This chapter, however, includes a reference to the Aztec empire as the “largest and wealthiest indigenous empire in the New World” (91).

Although the Aztec empire could arguably have been the wealthiest in the New World, the Incas were a larger empire.

In this article, Cartwright answers the controversial question of who were the victims of the Aztec human sacrificing.

According to sources in his writing, some sacrificial victims were the losing captain or even the entire team of the ritual ball-games. But Pennock () argues that to simply write off Aztecs as bloodthirsty and uncivilized mass murderers misses the central purpose of human sacrifice in Aztec society: as a deeply held belief system and part of the requirements for the renewal, sustaining and refreshing of life.

a regularly-timed performance, intensified with a loss of life, would be a useful mechanism to a ruler. Replaying the sacrificial goal to the mimetic impulse” (Girard ). To complete the theory, the Aztec empire quickly fell soon after.

The sacrificial performance of the aztec empire
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