The plate tectonics theory in filipino

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Tektonika ng mga plato

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Plate tectonics

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Thishappens in college to continental lithospheric plate collision. Plate tectonics Plate tectonics is the study of the individual large masses of material on the surface of the earth, and how they relate to and move relative to each other.

The Theory of Plate Tectonics Critique and interpret major types of evidence supporting the Theory of Plate Tectonics. Plate tectonics is the most important concept in modern geology. Plate tectonics grew out of a theory that was first developed in the early 20th century by the meteorologist Alfred Wegener.

InWegener noticed that the coastlines of the east coast of South America and the west coast of Africa seemed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. SEA-FLOOR SPREADING CHAPTER 8: PLATE TECTONICS Sea-floor Spreading In Wegener’s time, the world’ s ocean floors were largely unexplored.

Mapping the sea floor provided more important evidence for the theory of plate tectonics. Plate tectonics is the unifying theory of geology.

It was established in the s, making it one of the most recent revolutions in all of science. Ang tektonika ng mga plato (ng Daigdig) (Ingles: plate tectonics) ay isang teoriya ng denverfoplodge41.comlad ito upang maipaliwanag ang may malakihang sukat na mga paggalaw ng litospero ng Daigdig.

Nalunsad ang teoriyang ito sa mas luma o mas matatandang mga ideya ng pag-anod o pagkiling ng kontinente at pagkalat ng ilalim .

The plate tectonics theory in filipino
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