The mexico city earthquake of 1985

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Mexico City

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Mexico hit by 'strongest earthquake in a century' as magnitude 2 tremor triggers tsunami waves

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A block of collapsed flats in the Zona Rosa area of Mexico City. Photograph: Jonathan Utz/AFP/Getty Images The earthquake. InMexico City was the world’s largest urban area. Mexico City Earthquake of At least 9, people were killed, about 30, were injured, more thanpeople were left homeless, and severe damage was caused in parts of Mexico City and in several states of central Mexico.

Mexico City earthquake ofalso called Michoacán earthquake ofsevere earthquake that occurred on September 19,off the coast of the Mexican state of Michoacán, causing widespread death and injuries and catastrophic damage in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City. The magnitude quake occurred at sources.

Mexico City earthquake ofalso called Michoacán earthquake ofsevere earthquake that occurred on September 19,off the coast of the Mexican state of Michoacán, causing widespread death and injuries and catastrophic damage in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City. Mexico City, Nahuatl México, Spanish Ciudad de México or in full Ciudad de México, D.F., city and capital of Mexico, synonymous with the Federal District (Distrito Federal; D.F.).

The term Mexico City can also apply to the capital’s metropolitan area, which includes the Federal District but extends beyond it to the west, north, and east, where. A magnitude earthquake hit Raboso, Mexico, on Tuesday.

Mexico earthquake: Reports of extensive, widespread damage after magnitude 8 quake

Powerful shocks were felt in Mexico City, damaging buildings and causing residents to panic.

The mexico city earthquake of 1985
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Mexico City history