The increasing problem of homelessness in the united states

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She was the first African-American woman from Georgia in the US Congress. To better assess the state of the problem in the United States, in the federal government began providing a yearly snapshot of the homeless population in states across the country.

Homelessness in the United States

Scope of Homelessness in the United States 1 On a single night in Januarythere werepeople experiencing homelessness in the United States; 65% were sheltered individuals and 35% were unsheltered individuals. 20% of those experiencing homelessness (, individuals) were children under the age of According to the United States Census Bureau, the national poverty rate in was %.

There were million people in poverty. and substance abuse problems. Who Experiences Homelessness? Persons living in poverty are most at risk of becoming homeless, and demographic groups who are more likely to experience poverty are also more. The United States will continue to be a developed country if the numbers of people holding cardboard on the street do not decrease.

U.S. Homelessness Facts

1 out of 7 people in U.S suffer from hunger and are forced to sleep in parks, under bridges, in shelters or cars (Hunger and Homelessness 1).Every year, the homeless population grows in United States. Homeless Veterans Quick Facts. While the number of homeless persons in the United States dropped by less than 3 percent between and according to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress, Veteran homelessness has shown a more significant decline.

The increasing problem of homelessness in the united states
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Homelessness in the United States: Trends and demographics - Journalist's Resource